Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Democrat Jeff Scott announces run for State School Superintendent

Today I’m announcing my candidacy to become the next state school superintendent of Georgia. This journey, that we will take together, will proceed with the desire to take our educational opportunities to the level of excellence in all areas. This journey will see the end of fear that has slowly crept into all levels of our educational system over the past few years, the end of not focusing on real skills for the real world, the end of students not having the opportunity for needed activity, and the end of bubble tests being the basis of our educational thinking.

We must once again put the words skill, fun, joy, relevance, and risk back into the classrooms. Our teachers want to teach, our school leaders want to lead, our students want dynamic learning experiences, and our parents want to be assured that their children will be prepared for work, trade school, or university when they leave our schools.

My passion and dedication to the field of education run deep. My experiences in the classroom, school leadership roles, as an adjunct professor, and others have prepared me in a unique way to lead our schools. Our schools will be a shining example of enhancing the special skills that each of our students possess and where understanding government and economics will be as much as an emphasis as math and reading.

No other candidate will bring more energy and passion to this race than I. It is now time to turn the page for a more enhanced, skill driven educational system. Our students are not all the same, nor our teachers, school leaders, or schools. Hence, they can’t be made to look the same. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in true education. I look forward to future debates and discussions, but most importantly I look forward to the students, educators, and parents of this wonderful state getting to know me and what kind of leader I will be for them as we prepare our students and their children to better compete nationally and globally.

Our team is strong. I want to thank my wonderful wife Holly for standing by me as we begin this journey as well as my campaign team that will stretch throughout the state. This will be a team effort with the focus of providing real education with real skills for real opportunities.

Please go to my website www.jeffscottforgeorgia.com to learn more and to join the journey to excellence.

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