Monday, April 6, 2009

Will this be the year Jim Butler makes his move?

Super Trial Lawyer Jim Butler has built a powerful law firm over in Columbus that have resulted in him winning record verdicts in wrongful death, personal injuries, & product liability cases here in Georgia & across the country & addition battled the biggest & largest firms in the country & have won them all. Now is he ready to make the jump into politics? Butler have always been very interested in politics donating money to various candidates from Bill Clinton to John Edwards. Now with Thurbert Baker running for governor, is Butler ready to jump into the race for AG, which fits him perfectly or maybe the U.S. Senate or possibly Lt. Governor, which no one seems to want to run for? So many questions. Butler, who is 59 maybe running out of time if he wants to get his feet wet in the world of Georgia Politics. So will this be the year we finally see him running for something? Stay tuned.

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