Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dublin's Porter in race for governor

Dublin state Rep. DuBose Porter filled paperwork Monday to run for governor, taking an official step toward the already crowded 2010 governor’s race.

The filing means that Porter, the Democratic party’s leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, can raise money for the new campaign.

He has two announced opponents in the Democratic primary: Macon native and retired Georgia National Guard Adjutant General David Poythress and Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, who surprised some people by announcing his candidacy April 1.

Porter took swings at the Republican establishment in his campaign announcement Monday, which was published in The (Dublin) Courier Herald, which he co-owns.

“After this year’s failure to pass a transportation funding bill by the Republican leadership it has become apparent that if Georgia is to move forward there will have to be a new vision coming from the Governor’s office,” Porter wrote. “Smaller government is good, but not when its goal is to dismantle transportation, law enforcement, and education.”

Poythress responded with his own release, calling Porter out for not recruiting enough candidates to face uncontested Republicans during last year’s legislative elections.

“This is an unforgivable offense given the tremendous turnout and historic year for Democrats,” said Poythress, a former secretary of state and state labor commissioner. “And DuBose should tread lightly when talking about his alleged general election viability, especially since Republicans would have a field day over his 26 year voting record in the General Assembly.”

Porter said his campaign staff isn’t fully in place, but he has selected Beth Vaughn of Forsyth as his treasurer and Jack Key of Dublin as honorary chairman.

He said his knowledge of Atlanta and rural roots in Laurens County give him the ability “to bring both sides together” to pass a transportation funding plan and address other state issues.

Now I thought that with Baker entering the race that it was impossible for Porter to do so. But don't undeestimate porter in this race. I like Poythress, Baker, Porter & Barnes. I do not have a favorite at this time, but whoever can build a strong grassroots & compete in rural georgia will be my candidate.

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