Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baker is in the race for governor.

Attorney General Thurbert Baker has thrown his hat into the 2010 governor's race. Baker got 58% of the vote in 2006 more than any democrat or republican (besides Perdue). Baker is a conservative democrat.

Baker’s entry could make competition for the African-American vote, which now dominates the Democratic primary, extremely tight.

And it could make a runoff much more likely. With five GOP candidates already in the contest, Republicans have conceded a runoff, which eats both time and money,. Democrats had planned to take tactical advantage of a GOP runoff by trying to reach a consensus on their ticket.

“The last thing that the Georgia Democratic party needs is at this point in time is an extensive, controversial and divisive primary season, especially in the governor’s race,” said state Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, who is also vice-chairman of the party.

I have said all along the person to keep an eye on was Thurbert Baker. This announcement came out of no where. I have always liked Thurbert Baker & thought he would make a great governor one day. Question is how will it impact DuBose Porter & Roy Barnes decision? But Baker will run into some problems in the primary from liberals who do not like him, especially in the Genarlow Wilson case for example. But baker in my opinion maybe the best democrat to run in 2010 because of his strong stance on crime, law enforcement & his close ties to Zell Miller.

Now I'm torn on who to support in the primary. I like all of the possible candidates, but with baker now entering, I will have to look at all of the candidates very closely.
With Baker now in the governor's race, there are two people that can replace him as AG: Jim Butler & Michael Meyer von Bremen.

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