Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Richard Woods to run for Statewide office in 2010.

OCILLA — The Irwin County School System’s K-5 curriculum director formally announced Tuesday that he is run

Richard Woods began his teaching career at Irwin County High School in 1988 as a social studies teacher. He said Tuesday to a crowd of supporters gathered at Ocilla’s community center that the classroom teacher is the “heart of education.”

ning for state school superintendent in 2010.

Woods’ campaign banners, signs and bumper stickers read “Putting the Heartbeat Back into Education.”

“South Georgia, rural Georgia is as important as the metro areas,” Woods said.

Woods worked at Kennesaw State and said he has experience living in rural and metropolitan areas of the state and realizes the different needs of various areas of Georgia.

He didn't say if he's running as a republican or a democrat. Hopefully a democrat.

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Anonymous said...

should be a good primary

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