Monday, March 9, 2009

Possible democratic candidates for Georgia Lt. Governor's race in 2010

Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond (D-Athens) is a possible candidate for Lt. Governor & Governor in 2010. Thurmond grew up in rural Clarke County & was the first african-american to elected from a majority white district since reconstruction back in 1986. A centrist democrat he led the fight for welfare reform here in the state & a strong advocate of tax cuts for businesses & working families. He is a tranformative candidate that can reach across racial lines & appeal to white working class voters in small, rural towns here in the state, evident by him carrying several mountain counties in the Ga. mountains in 2006. His oratory skills & ablility to move crowds would make him a formidable candidate in 2010 & the favorite to win the general election if he so chooses to run. A guy who I really like.

Former State Senator Michael Meyer von Bremen (D-Albany) is another potentital candidate for Lt. Governor as well. Mentioned as a possible U.S. Senate candidate & gubernatorial candidate as well, he lost his bid to become judge on the Ga. Court of Appeals. A centrist from southwest Georgia, von Bremen is well respected by both sides of the political establishment. Has sponsered past ethnic lwas, tax cuts & anti-crime legislation while as a state senator. A product of the public school system.

State Representative Rick Crawford (D-Cedartown) maybe a candidate for the post as well. Crawford who also ran for congress is a old-fashioned conservative democrat who believes in hardwork, family, community, god. He Studied at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as chief magistrate for Polk County & municipal judge for Rockmart & Cedartown. Rick was the first person from his family to graduate from high school. Rick also teaches sunday school. I say he is a darkhorse for this post, but if he does enter he has the ability to surprise alot of folks.

Rand Knight (D-Atlanta) is a young democrat with progressive views. He mounted an unsuccessful run for the Senate back in 2008, but was the most hardworking democrat during the primary criss-crossing the state meeting people, shaking hands, holding rallies & meetings. Rand is a democrat that represents the next generation. Only 34 years old knight is a ecologist & businessman. He is also mentioned as a possible Agriculture Commissioner candidate in 2010 as well. He has a fire for public office which was evident by his non-stop hard charging campaign. Rand is a progressive on domestic & economic issues something that will appeal to the progressives in the metro Atlanta area. Although I don't agree on some isssues with him, he is a acceptable candidate for dems & the state. Born in Bruswick he have roots in rural Georgia, which will be handy if he makes a run in 2010.
Other potential candidates: State Senator Ed Tarver (D-Augusta), Former Dekalb Co. CEO Vernon Jones (D)


Anonymous said...

It's wide open as far the dems goes. No one seems to want to run for the seat. I think Rick Crawford would be a good candidate.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that that State Senator Golden might run for Lt. Gov. He is a moderate Democrat from Valdosta.I hope he runs.

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