Thursday, August 9, 2012

Race Card now being Used in HD 139 Race

On August 21, voters will go back to the polls to elect a new representative for HD 139. Thomas Coogle & Patty Bentley will meet in a runoff to determine who will succeed Lynmore James who retired after this year's legislative session.

But as expected. the use of the Race card is now being thrown around in attempts to keep HD 139 "BLACK" or in Black Control.

My high ranking sources down in Vienna & elsewhere have been emailing me, as well as texting me that retiring State Representative Lynmore James, along with his Bentley this week alone has been making the rounds in the swing county (in which Coogle got 47.9% of the vote, while Bentley got 34%) telling voters & county/city officials that the district needs to be, it has to be represented by a Black, not a white & that folks in Atlanta are used to seeing a black face representing HD 139 (formerly HD 135). In other word..LET'S KEEP HD 139 BLACK

Now, the district has a 57% Black Population, 62% minority population with hispanics included.

Let me cut this short because I have to get back to work, but if this is what's going on, then it shows (1) How desperate candidate Bentley & James are becoming & (2) Her message isn't resonating with voters of HD 139.

When things get tough for a liberal, always use the RACE CARD. It never....well  most of the time it always fail! If a white candidate were to do the same thing toward a black candidate, boy I swear he or she would be called a Bigot!

Coogle has gotten the support of Peach County Commissioner & former Gulf War Veteran Michael Dinkins who came in third during the primary, but overwhelmingly carried Peach County with close to 60% of the vote

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Anonymous said...

Well you were misinformed because James is not doing any traveling right now.

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