Thursday, November 18, 2010

Will the Georgia GOP mis-read this election & overreach?

The risks for Republicans is in reading too much into this election."

With the GOP now controlling every constitutional office in the state, increased majorities in the house & senate they now have total control of state government for the first time since 1868.

With 112 members in the house, the republicans are only 8 members shy of a "super majority" with several democrats switching parties last week.

Jubilant over their landslide victory in every statewide office of one State Senate seat & five State House Seats, republican leaders up in Atlanta face a dilemma as they debate how to exert their new authority over the state.

Their energetic conservative base is eager to implement right-wing policies and if Republicans fail at doing so, they risk disappointing the supporters who turned out in vast numbers for Tuesday’s midterm elections.

But if Republicans overreach and ultimately deliver little, independents could return to the Democratic fold in time for the 2041 elections. Even though Republicans will command a significant majority in the House, many of the GOP initiatives that have or will be rolled out will represent incremental steps rather than bold reforms.

State Republicans may think that the elections were a mandate for policies such as the implementation of School Vouchers for example. No one knows what the Georgia GOP has in store for the people of this great state, but by judging by their past legislative accomplishments, it will not be in the best interest of Georgians.

Over the next 2-4 years, democrats here need to be getting their house in order to make one more & possibly last strong run at the Georgia GOP. How will the new liberal leadership of Abrams, Hughley & McKillip in the house go about things, that remains to be seen.

But if the Georgia GOP overreach & its likely they will & democrats do not capitalize on it, by educating the voters & why this or that piece of legislation is not in their best interest, then all hope is lost & the party might as well cease to exist.

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