Thursday, November 11, 2010

DuBose Porter, Carol Porter in 2014?

With 2010 in the books, its time to wonder what lies ahead for democrats as they took a thumpin' last week.

What does the future holds for the Porters of Laurens County?

Porter (DuBose) gave his seat to run a unsuccessful campaign for governor. He is, in my opinion the next democrat in line to take a stab at another run for governor in 2014 against Nathan Deal, or whoever.

Let's not forget he's only 57 years old, so he still has some political life left in him since this was his first run for statewide office.

He ran a impressive grassroots campaign, but he couldn't beat the deep pocket donors of Roy Barnes in his bid to become the democratic nominee. Plus being minority leader at the time in the legislature, he didn't have the time to get his message out there to the people.

He's a graduate of Davidson College, interned for then US Senator Sam Nunn, he served as Administration Floor Leader in the House of Representatives to Governor Zell Miller. In January 2003, Porter was elected Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives.

I asked a question yesterday would the result been different had Porter was the nominee against Nathan Deal? Probably, but who knows?

Porter is in prime positon to make another run for governor in 2014, but its a question whether or not he will.

Then there's his dynamic wife & former Lt. Governor Carol Porter who came out of nowhere to make a strong run at Casey Cagle, garnering around 42% of the vote for a so-called novice candidate.

She wowed crowds with her fiery speeches, got high praise from unlikely republican supporters such as Macon CityCouncilman Erick Erickson of Redstate.Com. She stepped up when no other democrat was willing to challenge Casey Cagle because let's face it, it was "FEAR" that kept some other dems from challenging Cagle. Despite being unsuccessful, she has left a built in infrastructure for another run for office in 2014 as well, possibly for governor, Lt. Governor or another office down the line.

2010 elections was one of those rare instances that only happen every so-often, so 2014 could be the year that these two strong, viable candidates can resuscitate the party once & for all.

Looking at the Democratic Bench, there isn't much to work with:
Rob Teilhet
Michael Thurmond
Thurbert Baker
Jim Marshall.

Other Possibilities are:

David Adelman, ex-State Senator & current US Ambassador of Singapore
Ed Tarver, ex-State Senator & U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia.

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