Friday, October 15, 2010

PSC Commissioner candidate Keith Moffett gets support from former & current legislators, including friend Erick Erickson of

Keith Moffett (D-Macon) has piked up support from around the state as he attempts to win a seat on the PSC Commission representing District 2.

Senator Hardie Davis of Augusta, Former State Representative Jed Harris, Jr. of Columbus, Senator Lester Jackson of Savannah, and State Representative Nikki Randall of Macon all are endorsing Moffett's run for PSC District 2 Commission Seat.

Says Hardie Davis: Keith Moffett’s combination of education and experience is unparalleled by the opposition. His platform of fostering energy independence through employing alternate energy resources will save money and put Georgians back to work. Keith Moffett is the man for the job.

Jed Harris: Keith Moffett has the experience we need on the Georgia Public Service Commission. Keith will make decisions in the best interest of all Georgians. He will be a good steward of our tax dollars. He is mindful of the economic pressures facing Georgia's families and small businesses. “I encourage all Georgians for vote for Keith Moffett.

Moffett also has the support of Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys & Redstate Founder & Macon CityCouncilman Erick Erickson who says Moffett would be an asset to the job. Moffett & Erickson are Good friends


Anonymous said...

I see his name on the Barnes ad where Roy says the rest of the country is laffing at us.

broc said...

Matt Towery is worried that even the red tide across the nation won't be enough, despite the fact that his polls don't support the trend.

He says, The last IA survey showed Barnes slowly improving his numbers among the critical independent swing vote. The trend was not necessarily reflected in the top line results of that poll once the weightings were done for other demographic groups. I’ll be keeping an eye on the independent numbers in the next poll of the race, and also on how Barnes is faring among whites. If he somehow can creep into the upper 20 percentile of whites, reach parity or take a slight lead among independents, and see the turnout among African-Americans reach at least 25 percent of the turnout on Nov. 2, then the two to three percent that Libertarian John Monds is likely to receive might shove Deal into a runoff.

Conventional wisdom would say that such a runoff would mean a Republican victory in the second contest. Certainly it’s generally accepted that GOP voters, and those voters inclined to vote Republican, tend to gravitate back to the polls in a runoff in higher numbers than voters for the opposition.

But consider this too: What if Republicans win the US House, enjoy some upsets in congressional races, see the US Senate come close to going Republican, and decide they’ve sent their message to President Obama?

If that’s the case, Deal’s organization would have to find a way to pull happy, satisfied GOP voters back to the polls.

In other words, InsiderAdvantageGeorgia didn't like the results, so they skewed it to get the top line number they wanted.

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