Monday, July 26, 2010

This isn't a Surprise: GOP Targets Marshall's 8th District Seat.......AGAIN!

Well it looks like another $1 to 2 million dollars will go to waste in trying to unseat BlueDog Democrat James "Jim" Marshall of the 8th District.

This comes as no surprise to many as the NRCC are targeting Jim Marshall's 8th Congressional Seat once again. Austin Scott who was running at first for Governor will take on the task of unseating the well-liked, fairly popular incumbent democrat from the republican leaning district.

Marshall has beaten back challenges from Calder Clay, Mac Collins (despite having two trips by then president Bush, one by Dick Cheney) & Rick Goddard who was considered a "A" level recruit by the NRCC. This time many observers think Scott has a shot due to being fron the southernmost part of the district.

Already Scott using the worn out GOP playbook of tying Marshall to some liberal member of congress & this time its Charlie Rangel due to reports that Georgia Dems have received money from the veteran congressman who is under investigation by the Ethics Committee for possible violations. Remember back when Mac Collins tried to tie Marshall to......Ted Kennedy.......Nancy Pelosi.

Marshall is a political brawler & despite national figures coming to the 8th & campaigning for Republican candidates, Marshall has always managed to win re-election.
Why Scott picked this race where he could have ran for Lt. Governor & defeated Casey Cagle for the nomination for Lt. Governor or stayed in the Guv's race & possibly made it to the runoff, I don't know.

Marshall is like Isakson. Each man is liked by their constituents, neither comes off as extreme, neither man makes waves or make controversial comments that'll come back to haunt them & both reflect the values of Georgia in Washington D.C.

Like I said before the 8th District is becoming the Graveyard for republican candidates. One by one each candidate has written their own political obituary just by taking on the Vietnam Veteran who represents the blue-collar constituency that is the 8th District. I like Scott, but it will be a uphill climb for the 14 yr State Representative.

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