Monday, July 12, 2010

Poythress Gets endorsement from Team Rural, an influential Rural Grassroots Democratic Organization

Team Rural announces their enthusiastic support and official endorsement for General David Poythress, Democratic Candidatefor Governor, in the July 20th Primary. “General Poythress, a Macon native, understands the breadth and diversity of our great state,” says Carlos Nelson, County Commissioner and Ware County Team Rural leader. “He has campaigned in rural Georgia for more than a year and has made himself available to all of the members of our Grassroots volunteer coalition, Team Rural. During those many conversations, he’s been an active listener who hears and understands our concerns, and we have determined that he has the leadership skills to develop
initiatives addressing the challenges and opportunities in rural Georgia.”

“Too often candidates give lip service to grassroots outreach, but General Poythress understands the importance of connecting early and personally with voters across the state,” says Reverend Robert Thomas, Brantley County Team Rural member, “This is the man capable of leading Georgia out of the dire times we are in.” He recently visited for about three hours having an impromptu roundtable discussion where he answered every single question and concern straight from the hip said one attendee.

As a teacher Charlie Hill, Glynn County Team Rural leader, believes General Poythress “gets it.” Team Rural applauds the General’s plans for bringing 21st Century education to Georgia.

His combination of reducing class sizes while leveraging technology (like Rosetta Stone-type software for teaching foreign languages) to create more quality/mentoring time for educators;

His implementation of a comprehensive drop-out prevention program which will empower our students and parents in ways that will promote inclusion in education;

His understanding that teachers are the solution to our educational challenges from the example of his mother, who was a public school teacher in Bibb County;

His desire to scrap “No Child Left Behind” and determination to end the tyranny of “AYP” and high stakes testing;
“These are things vitally important to me as a teacher in Glynn County,” says Charlie. “The points above are key in creating a first rate educational system for Georgia.” Importantly, General Poythress will sustain the importance of the arts in education. “Arts are the measure of a civilized society; perspective is as important as perception.” says Charlie. With an educated population Georgia’s future is bright for job creation.

Team Rural is a coalition of volunteers who support Democratic candidates. Team Rural was formed after the General Election in 2008 so rural activists could continue to work together as a voice for rural Georgia voters. Based out of Congressional District 1, they are currently reaching out to voters in 14 counties with a base of about 350 members. Team Rural plans for its volunteer coalition to continue to increase, and they foresee the expansion from Southern into North
Georgia. They have volunteers who live as far away as Taylor County and even some volunteers in DeKalb who travel outside the perimeter to join the outreach!

They respond daily to telephone calls and emails from rural Georgians who know their issues and concerns have not been heard. Rural Georgians deserve a voice in the political conversation, and collectively Team Rural will change that through activism and outreach. They are online at, and folks can sign up there for newsletters and attend grassroots events. They can also be found on Facebook as the Group “Team Rural.”

According to Ernest Larson, Team Rural Wayne County Leader, “General Poythress background, particularly his military experience, proves him to be the dynamic statesman leader we need in these difficult times. I know that many of our neighbors will look beyond partisan concerns and vote for David Poythress because they trust his capable, experienced leadership, and they care about the quality and integrity of the elected officials we send to the Capitol.”

“We’re working closely with General Poythress’ campaign to engage more Georgians in this critical election; our future depends on it,” says Pastor Jimmy Lewis, a former Republican and Team Rural leader. “Once he is Governor, we look forward to helping him take action to provide rural communities with the innovative solutions for moving our local communities forward while leading our beloved state.”

Please join Team Rural and unite to support General David Poythress as our next Governor of Georgia. Contact Carlos Nelson at 912.579.2781 or email for further information

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