Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gallup Poll: Bill Clinton More Popular Than Barack Obama

Former President Bill Clinton is currently more well-liked by Americans than both of his successors. Sixty-one percent view him favorably, compared with 52% for President Barack Obama and 45% for former President George W. Bush.

Bill Clinton 61% Overall, 30% Republicans 60% Independents 89% Democrats
Barack Obama 52% Overall 17% Republicans 50% Independents 86% Democrats
George Bush 45% Overall 85% Republicans 37% Independents 22% Democrats

Democrats view Clinton and Obama similarly, but independents and Republicans have more positive views of Clinton than of Obama. Partisan impressions of Bush and Obama are mirror images. Independents, however, view Bush less favorably than Obama (37% vs. 50%).

This is the first time in Gallup polling that Clinton's favorable rating exceeds Obama's. Clinton's rating has increased considerably since the 2008 presidential election campaign (and before Hillary Clinton assumed the role of secretary of state), rising to 61% from 52% in August 2008

So if you Mike Thurmond, Roy Barnes, Carol Porter, Doug Heckman, Russell Edwards, it'll be wise to enlist the help of the former president in your bids for office.

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