Monday, July 12, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton Endorses Thurbert Baker for Gov.

Got this email a few minutes ago:

One of the best things about America is our ability to produce great leaders at critical moments.
Facing massive education budget cuts and the highest unemployment rate in its history, Georgia faces one of those critical moments right now.

The good news is that there's a man made for this moment.

That man is Thurbert Baker.

And his whole life has prepared him for it.

Thurbert didn't have much money growing up, but what he did have was worth more than gold: the love of a strong mother who taught him the values of faith and hard work and made him believe that tomorrow would always be better than today.

Well, Thurbert went to work ...for people... first as floor leader to Governor Miller and then as Georgia's Attorney General, an office he's been elected to three times by record margins.

Without much notice, Thurbert amassed a record of accomplishment that would be the envy of any elected official in America. He passed the largest jobs program in Georgia's history and the largest tax cuts. And Thurbert Baker sponsored Georgia's education lottery and the HOPE scholarships. Today, over a million Georgia kids have gone to college because of Thurbert's leadership, many of whom would never have had the chance.

To date, Thurbert has outlined more detailed plans for Georgia's future than all other candidates for Governor combined, in both parties. His economic initiatives would create 100,000 new Georgia jobs in advanced fields such as biotechnology and information services. Now he's proposed the BEST Initiative, which would fundamentally transform education in Georgia, bringing its school year to the average in the industrialized world and increasing teacher compensation to the very top in the nation. Best of all, he's told people how he'd pay for all of it, including by adding bingo to Georgia's landmark lottery.

Thurbert is a rare and special man with a life story that could only happen in America.

Born with next to nothing, Thurbert Baker never forgot where he came from and spent his whole life quietly but firmly opening the doors of opportunity for millions of Georgians, opportunities he never had.

If you give him the chance and elect Thurbert Baker your Governor, he will open those doors for millions more. You can count on that because he's already done it.

I am so proud to endorse Thurbert Baker for Governor of Georgia.

Now this is a "I owe you" endorsement for sticking by his wife Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential run. What does this mean? Well, for starters Clinton is still very popular within the Black Community, which are crucial voting bloc in the democratic primary. This may help Baker in the polls, but one will have to wait & see. Earlier in the year, I thought Baker was the strongest democrat to run in the Gneral Election, but with very little public appearances, lack of a campaign organization outside of Metro Atlanta changed my opinion of Baker. Now with a late barrage of T.V Ads, now he's trying to position himslef in second place for a runoff.

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