Thursday, July 1, 2010

Endorsement for State School Superintendent: Brian Westlake (D-Decatur)

Education is at a critical point in Georgia now. The only state that's furloughing Teachers, schools having to cut programs just to meet their budgets, funding for education (QBE) continues to get slashed by the republican-controlled legislature & governor Sonny Perdue.

The livelihood of our public schools are at stake & its time Georgia send someone to the office of State School Superintendent to fix our ailing school systems & help our teachers succeed as much as possible.

Kathy Cox (R) the incumbent time as State School Superintendent has not been a good one, with Ga's Test Scores ranking in the bottom five, one time at 49th ahead of only South Carolina. I'm not going to waste time going on & on with the leadership of Kathy Cox at School Superintendent.

That's why Peanut Politics is proudly endorsing Brian Westlake (D) for State School Superintendent.

Brian has been an active member of the Georgia Association of Educators, serving in elected positions at various levels—including representing the organization nationally. He is a award winning high school social studies teacher with over a decade of experience in Georgia public schools & is a product of Georgia's Public School System Himself.

Westlake served in the U.S Marine Corps, where he worked in military intelligence.

Westlake was one of four children that was raised by a single mother after the illness of his father. Westlake wants to invest in early childhood education, expand technical & vocational options & as a current school teacher himself, he feels eachers must be treated like professionals in which he says those who are in the classroom everyday working with our children must have a voice in the development of the policies that affect their profession.

Westlake has been endorsed by:

Former GAE President Ralph Noble
State Reps. Lee Thompson, Stephanie-Stuckey-Benfield
GAE Democratic Caucus

And others as well in his bid to become Georgia's Next State School Superintendent.

This was not a easy decision, with Beth Farokhi also in the race with her wealth or experience, but Ga Schools would be served best if we had a current Teacher at the Helm of reforming our schools. Westlake's youth, vision & and experiences as a public school teacher is what Georgia needs at the moment as schools across the state face uncertain future & Rural Schools will benefit from having Westlake as its next State School Superintendent

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Anonymous said...

You just got one more vote. Mine. Go Brian Go!

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