Thursday, July 8, 2010

DuBose Porter Visits Appling County

Candidate for Georgia Governor DuBose Porter (D-Dublin) made a stop in Baxley last Wednesday, along with his son, Asa. Porter is currently a member of the Georgia House and is also the editor of The (Dublin) Courier Herald. Dubose stated that he is in the process of visiting every county in the state in his bid for governor

Porter talked to The News-Banner about some of his top concerns, including education, transportation and water. Concerning education, Porter commented that he has fought against $3 billion in cuts to public education since 2003 and sponsored HB1397, The Salary Protection Act, in 2010 session to stop teacher furloughs and put a firewall around teacher salaries. He also added that the state has got to return the funding formula for education to at least a 60/40 formula, meaning the state pays for 60 percent of the cost to educate a child and a county pays the remaining 40 percent. Porter stated that the formula is currently an approximate 50/50 share, which he said puts a considerable burden on local taxpayers through property taxes.

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