Thursday, July 22, 2010

Georgia Democrats: Roy Can't Do it All by Himself!

Roy can't do it all by himself. Other democrats on the statewide ballot has to help as well in order for Georgia Democrats to have a successful November Elections.

It is plain & simple: It will all come down to Rural Georgia! Rural Georgia!! Do I need to say it again: RURAL GEORGIA!!!

From Donalsonville, Cordele, Adel, Douglas, St. Marys, LaGrange, Greensboro, Sylvania, Toccoa, Quitman, Knoxville, Soperton, Perry, & other small to mid-sized ctities in the state.

Those are the places that democrats have to stake their claim or it'll be a long November night for the party. Roy Barnes is headed to Berrien County on Saturday for a old-fashioned multi-county rally in the town of Enigma near U.S. 82.

Democrats listen, Barnes knows the election will come to places in my neck of thet woods like Enigma. Ken Hodges already knows this. J.B. Powell as well. Carol Porter, as well as Darryl Hicks & Terry Coleman (whoever is the nominee for Labor Comm). But the others, well they better get with the program & I mean soon.

Its time to get this state back on track & most importantly its time to "MAKE GEORGIA WORK"! Its important to tell Independent voters, moderates from both parties that its time to make it happen with Roy Barnes. Job Losses, Tax Increases, Bottom of the Barrell Education policies, Reckless Tax Cuts, Rising Deficits, Bad Fiscal & Economic Policies have left this state on the verge of going towrds the level of Mississippi. It must come to a end Folks!

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