Monday, July 19, 2010

Darwin Carter: Stop the Lobbyist!

Presser sent out by the Carter Campaign on July 17

Dear Friends,

Today a friend shared with me some interesting reading. I just saw
copies of the latest campaign contributions given to my opponent, the
lobbyist, Gary Black. Frankly, it is frightening. He shows big steady
flows of cash coming in from exactly the same people he will be in
charge of regulating, if he is elected. Hundreds of thousands of
dollars from big corporate donors are flowing in to Lobbyist Black.
Big money wants him to run the Department for them.

Do we want his lobbyist crony's to run our Department of Agriculture?
Do we trust our food safety to lobbyists? To political hacks? To
Monsanto? That is where we are headed if we don't decide now to stop
Black. Stop the lobbyists, NOW!

We've got just 3 days and it will be over. We've got 3 days to
allow a life-long conservative farmer to do the people's work at our
Department of Agriculture. Or, if we aren't careful, in 3 days the
inmates will be running the asylum! Black's slick corporate buddies
will have what they have been working toward for years!

This is our last best chance to tell the Lobbyist Gary Black NO! The
Department of Agriculture is not for sale!

Stop The Lobbyist! Stop Black! Support Darwin Carter!Sorry Mr. Black, the Department of Agriculture belongs to
the people of Georgia, it is not for sale


Darwin Carter

Darwin Carter was asked by President Ronald Reagan to open international trade routes for U.S. beef and for 8 years he did just that. Darwin was raised on a farm and has worked in agriculture most of his life. In the lat 70s, he was not afraid of confronting President Jimmy Carter (no relation!) for the farmers of Georgia and helped organize and lead a 20,000 rolling tractor motorcade to then-President Carter's home in Plains, Georgia. He was fearless in the defense of farmers then and he'll be a staunch defender of the citizens and farmers of this state. Let's give him our vote.

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