Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Candidate Spotlight: Mitch Warnock (D-Dublin) HD 143

Over in Laurens County, Mitch Warnock will go up against Claudia Graham, Dan King for the democratic nomination to take on the republican challenger for DuBose Porter's HD 143 Seat.

A Moderately Conservative Democrat & a christian, Warnock is 41 yrs old, a graduate of Charlton County High School with a Degree in Businiess Finance from Georgia Southern. He is past president of the Dublin Circuit Bar Association & has practiced law before the Superior Courts of Georgia; Supreme Court of Georgia, Georgia Court of Appeals, the United States District Courts for Southern, Middle and Northern Districts of Georgia; and the Federal Courts of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.

Marnock says he is pro-life, support traditional marriage, 2nd amendment gun rights, & lower Taxes for all Georgians & that citizens deserve jobs, quality education, and safe communities. Amen brother!!! Don't we all!

On education, Warnock says We need to stop balancing the State budget on the backs of our teachers & it is time to send a Representative to Atlanta who has the common sense to know that the future of our state depends on the quality of our educational system.

On Taxes, he says we need to stop we need to first stop frivolous spending of the money we have. We MUST say "No" to horse barns, fish ponds, resort hotels, sports halls of fame.

On Jobs, he says (1) strong and informed leadership in Atlanta (2) quality scholastic and technical education; and (3) strong infrastructure in order to bring jobs to the community

On Spending, this what he says: My degree in business finance tells me we cannot justify building horse barns, fish ponds and resort hotels, while furloughing our state employees in education and public safety. Warnock says he will work for Zero Based Budgeting Program.

He and his wife, Karen Carswell Warnock, attend Pine Forest United Methodist.

Let me tell you, HD 143 has tough choices to choose from in King, Graham & Warnock. The likely scenario is a runoff here for HD 143

Go to his website to view more about Mitch Warnock.

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