Monday, June 28, 2010

Secretary of State Races

Last Night, the Atlanta Press Club held it first series of debates, oe being the Secretary of State Race, where both republican & democrats participated.

On the GOP side, it got contentious between Perdue appointee Brian Kemp & challenger Doug Macginnitie, with acccusations by Kemp that Macginnitie voted in the democratic primary in 1992 & Macginnitie called Kemp a "Career" politician. It only lasted 18 minutes, but if you ask me, MacGinnitie was the winner in that debate.

On the democratic side, all five, Angela Moore, Michael Mills, Georganna Sinkfield, Gary Horlacher, & Gail Buckner all participated & clearly Michael Mills was the best out of all the candidates. His answers was crisp, clear & she shown a great knack of the issues concerning the Secretary of State race. Sec. of State is more that overseeing elections, it deals with businesses, licensing, Securities, etc. He won the debate last night. The other candidates did well, Angela Moore was impressive in the debate as well as Gail Buckner. Georganna Sinkfield did not impress & Gary Horlacher was ok, but not stellar.

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