Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Survey USA Poll

Governor (D)

Roy Barnes: 63%
Thurbert Baker: 13%
David Poythress: 5%
DuBose Porter: 4%
Bill Bolton: 1%
Carl Camon: 1%
Randal Mangham: 1%
Undecided: 11%

United States Senate (D)

Michael Thurmond: 68%
R. J. Hadley: 11%
Undecided: 22%

Lt. Governor (D)

Carol Porter: 48%
Tricia Carpenter McCracken: 24%
Undecided: 28%

School Superintendent (D)

Joe Martin: 40%
Brian Westlake: 17%
Beth Farokhi: 13%
Undecided: 30%

In the Gov's race, this shows that Insider Advantage may have had it right when it had Barnes at 64% in its poll & that if the 11% undecided were to go to the other candidates, Barnes still clears the 50% hurdle. Baker has now gone up with ads & as a result it may bring those numbers down. This also shows that the debates will be important for democratic candidates to differentiate themselves from Barnes. These are early polls with 1 month until the primaries, so don't take too much stock in them democrats.

In the Lt Gov's race, how in the hell is Tricia McCracken garnering 24%? Carol Porter has 48% of the vote. She will clear the 50% threshold & go on to face Casey Cagle.

The U.S. Senate race shows Thurmond with 68%, Hadley with 11%. Im not surprised given Thurmond's Name recognition

State School Superintendent is wide open for democrats. For Joe Martin to be leading with 40% having been in the race for only a month shows how wide open this race is. Farokhi was seen as the favorite, but she's trailing Brian Westlake for second place. Its still early here as well.

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