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Georgia Farmers can't afford to have this man as its next Ag Commissioner. Stop Gary Black...the Lobbyist!!!!!

On the GOP side its Darwin Carter, a farmer & USDA Official against 2006 candidate Gary Black, a lobbyist & ex-president of Georgia Agribusiness.

On the Democratic side its J.B. Powell, a farmer, project manager & State Senator from rural Richmond County.

As many of you know Black badly wants to become the next agriculture commissioner, that he's been campaigning since his loss to Tommy Irvin for the job. But voters need to take notice of Black's real intentions if he does become Agriculture Commissioner.

Well someone has caught on to Black & wants to keep him from winning the GOP nomination & becoming the next Agriculture Commissioner.

Read this below:

I grew up in SW GA, and have roots that run deep in agriculture. I am concerned what may happen if Gary Black is elected as the next GA Ag Commissioner. Everyone says Gary Black is the best qualified and most experienced candidate. The only thing he is qualified to do is a be a lobbyist since that what his entire career has entailed. He is supported by the same companies the GA Ag Commissioner is charged with regulating (i.e. Monsanto).

How closely do you think he would be watching over these large agribusiness companies that back him and finance his campaign. He is strictly for large Agribusiness and food processing type companies instead of the GA farmer. At a political meeting in Union County, he was wearing a tie with peanuts on it. When someone from the audience quipped about his tie, his comment was while pointing to his tie "these are the only safe peanuts in GA". What a slap in the face to the peanut farmers who help contribute to our economy. Agriculture is 16% of GA's economy. While all portions of the state are important, the row crops (cotton, peanuts, corn, soybeans, etc) are the mainstays of the GA Ag market are mainly produced in South GA.

How can Gary Black be in touch with the farmers in South or even North GA while spending time in the state capital trying to push his lobbying organization's agenda's? Gary Black is politician plain and simple. He is a former Democrat who switched parties to run against Tommy Irvin...some say he is a very liberal democrat at heart, but I cant prove that. He knew he couldn't get the democratic vote against Irvin. He ended up losing anyway.

In my opinion, Darwin Carter by far the superior candidate. He is a Reagan conservative who worked with Reagan and Bush Sr in the Department of Agriculture. He is Bacon County farmer that knows the challenges our farmers face today. He is largely unknown, because he doesn't have the deep pockets afforded by the backing of the large companies the office is supposed to be regulating.
The statements above are simply based on my opinions formed from my own research. If you agree then please help get Darwin Carter's name out and keep Gary Black out. If you don't agree then thanks for reading anyway.

Don't take my word for it. Research

If you would like more info on Darwin Carter, you can go to www.darwincarter.com. You can also call me if you would like. I have been researching this for a couple of weeks since I heard both candidates speak at a local GOP rally.

This piece was written by Richard of Jesup, Ga & he hit rhe nail right on the head.

Darwin Carter of Bacon County has already filed a ethics complaint against Gary Black for failure to disclose the use of his office as CEO/Lobbyist for the Georgia Agribusiness Council (Not-for-Profit) to run for Commissioner of Agriculture.Additionally, Carter charges that Black's Lobbying firm, Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC) is a non profit 501c6 corporation and according to the IRS should pay taxes on their extensive partisan political work.

Carter has spent the last six months filing letters of complaint to the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Inspector General to no avail. Carter spoke with the Governor’s Attorney just to learn that ethics is not one of their top issues.

A similar complaint was filed against Black by then Republican candidate Deanne Strickland in 2006 which was never resolved by the State Ethics Commission.

This my favorite quote, from Carter himself: Electing Gary Black would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house or as a local farmer told me, allowing British Petroleum to be in charge of water purification in the Gulf.”,

If Republicans want to win the Agriculture Commissioner's office for the first time ever, they better avoid electing Gary Black & elect Darwin Carter as its nominee. If its Black in the General Election, despite years of campaigning for the office of Ag Commissioner, he will lose once again in the fall. Reason why I say that, one word:


That will be a major issue in this year's elections, especially if either Oxendine or Deal becomes the nominee for the GOP, plus you throw in the ethics issues that plagued the GOP in the state legislature & the unknown issues of Casey Cagle. This will dog Black on the trail during the General Election against folksy State Senator J.B. Powell (D-Blythe) who'll wrap that issue around Black's neck. I know I am a conservative democrat, but the GOP better be beware of Gary Black as its nominee.

The majority, if all of the GOP Caucus have gotten behind Gary Black's candidacy, even the leaders of both houses hosted a fundraiser at the 755 club at Turner Field for Mr. Black. Gary Black is fool's gold. Voters need to be aware of what his true motives. For the sake of Ga Farmers, keep Gary Black off the General Election Ballot & send Darwin Carter to the General Election against J.B Powell.

I would rather have either of those two men as Ga's Ag Commissioner than to have a backslider like Gary Black at the helm.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right! black is bad news for ga agriculture. im leaning toward jb powell but carter is on to something here. where is the state media? kudos to peanut politics for bringing this to light.

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