Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Candidate Spotlight: Tawana Garrett (HD 159)

Over in HD 159, Tawana Garrett (D-Savannah),a former chaplain assistant in the U.S. Army will take on former democrat Ann Purcell (R-Rincon) for HD 159.

This is Garrett first run for political office. She is a graduate of South Carolina State & obtained a B.S. Degree in Psychology.

Her key issues are Education & Transportation.

On education she says according to her website: will listen to the teachers and parents to see what the true problems are within the school system. I am in the process of setting up a meeting with the Savannah Federation of Teachers to hear their concerns. In addition, I will travel throughout my district and visit Parent Teacher Organizations and Parent Teacher Associations to hear the concerns of all the people, and I will go to forums about the budget and education. Once I have listened to the people and when I am elected into office, I will begin to look for sensible ways to balance the budget without drastically cutting education. Education is the greatest investment that we have to protect.

State Senator Lester Jackson has already held a fundraiser on her behalf of Garrett back on June 1.

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