Thursday, April 15, 2010

Agriculture Commissioner: Something has got to give here democrats!

With a little more that a week left until qualifying, there is still no democratic candidate in the race to replace Tommy Irvin (D) for Agriculture Commissioner.

Let's cut right to the chase. Who are the most likeliest people to "POSSIBLY" make a run for Agriculture Commissioner.

Here they are & their status:

Terry Coleman, the Deputy Agriculture Commissioner to Irvin.

Terry Coleman spent 34 years in the General Assembly including two as House Speaker.
As agriculture commisionser, he oversees ag & food defense, trade division & international trade, homeland security and legislative issues. He is a member to the Board of Trustees at Georgia Southern University & he serves on the Board of The Tropics Foundation, whose mission is the financial stability of the Tropical Agricultural research and Higher Education Center located in Costa Rica.Coleman is founder of Coleman and Company Benefits, Inc. He is a Life and Qualifying Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, the life insurance industry’s most prestigious organization. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Bank of Dodge County and the Colony Bank Corporation. When I spoke to Coleman a while back a function, at the time he said he was not going to run for Ag Commissioner, but didn't close the door on a possible run.

State Senator J.B. Powell (D-Blythe)

Poweel serves on the Agriculute & Consumer Affairs committee as well as the Natural Resources & Environment Committees as well. He was elected to the State Senate in 2004 representing SD 23. Powell, a conservative democrat has been rumored as being interested in running for the seat if Coleman doesn't run himself.

Rand Knight (D)

Knight ran for the U.S. Senate back in 2008 losing in the primary to Jim Martin. Knight is only 37 yrs old & is a abusinessman & ecologist, so I guess that makes him qualified to become Ag Commissioner. He built significant respect in the media and Democratic leadership for his management and operational successes on a limited budget. I don't know about Knight. Just have to wait & see on this one.

DuBose Porter (D-Dublin)

I know I make the porter people mad when I say Dubose ought to switch races & run for Agriculture Commisisoner. By him being a legislator, he was barred from raising money for his campaign which will hurt him if stays in the race & goes up against Barnes, Poythress, Baker. Dubose is just as qualified & just as ready to be governor more than anyone in the field. Had Barnes not run for governor this time, Porter would probably be the favorite of the democrats headding towards the July 20 elections. Havig said that, Porter ought to take the money he's already raised & run for Ag Commisisoner. He's comes from the part of the state is heavily agricultural (Middle Georgia). In that race he would be the odd-on favorite to replace Irvin over Gary Black or Darwin Carter. It's a win-win for democrats if he did that. It will strenghthened the democrats donwballot & it will help democrats the most in rural georgia. I say why not.


Andrew E. Smith said...

My first choice is Coleman. However, I would like to see Rep. Alan Powell. Rep. Powell would give Gary Black one hell of a fight.

Anonymous said...

I rather see alan powell stay in the house and become the democratic minority leader in place of dubose porter.

who knows what coleman going to do. we'll see in a wk.

Anonymous said...


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