Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Young Dems Respond to Ga Young Republican Chair

Yesterday, hundreds of supporters of education in Georgia showed up outside the state capitol building to protest further cuts to Georgia's higher education. This group represented all spectrum of Georgia society- some families have been Georgians since the time of Oglethorpe, others have just arrived.Some were rich, some were poor, some were middle class. Some were students, some were educators, some were legislators, some were just Georgians who understand that education is critical to the survival of our state- and yes, while many were Democrats, there were Republicans and Independents in the crowd to show that, despite partisan differences, education is the critical issue facing Georgia in 2010.

In a hastily crafted response to this outpouring of support for education in Georgia, Cameron Fash, the Chairman of the Georgia Young Republicans, attempts to establish the argument for dismantling the University System of Georgia advocated by State Senators Seth Harp, Don Balfour and others. He failed.

We also hope that Mr. Fash, who shows his dislike for publically funded education, doesn't drive on publically funded roads, or attended any publically funded high schools or colleges, or ever attended any events in publically funded arenas, etc. You see, what Mr. Fash and others fail to realize is that just because it's funded by the public doesn't make it evil.

The HOPE Scholarship does not cover the full cost of college. While it is an asset and benefit of the state, its perpetual funding is in jeopardy, and therefore failing to meet the goals that it was established for. College tuition is not cheap; many Georgians work late-night jobs, take out student loans, and so forth in order to pay for their education. People such as Cameron Fash, who disregard the struggles of Georgia's working and middle classes, are prime examples of why Georgia needs more funding for higher education, not less.

A better educated Georgia will mean better paying jobs for Georgians. No international corporation is going to look at a state slashing education left and right, be it secondary or higher education, and say "that's where I want to take my business."

We will continue losing job opportunities to those who value education more than us until we realize that the only solution to Georgia's long-term economic struggles are to invest in a world-class secondary and higher education system.

The Young Democrats of Georgia will continue to work with a broad coalition of everyday Georgians working to ensure the survival of our educational system, while the Chairman of the Georgia Young Republicans will wait out the struggle with Seth Harp and Don Balfour in Glenn Beck's Fear Chamber.

Education is under attack - stand up, fight back!

Jane Bradshaw, President, Young Democrats of Georgia
Steve Golden, Chief of Staff, Young Democrats of Georgia
Trevor Southerland, Vice President of Finance, Young Democrats of Georgia

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