Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Advantages will Carol Porter Have Going Into a the General Election

As you all know Carol Porter announced last week her entry into the race for Lt. Governor. She is the first democratic challenger to enter the race to take on incumbent Casey Cagle in november.

But let's look ahead, down the road for a minute. If she is the nominee going into the november elections, what advantages she will have going against Casey Cagle, barring if he doesn't get primaried.

(1) She would be able to tap the populist, anti-incumbent mood that is gripping not only the country, but here in Georgia as well. He has no ties to the democratic & Georgia political establishment.

(2) She'll have the support of Georgia's Small Business community. As a businesswoman herself, she knows the struggles of a small business person, the hardships they are going through in these hard econimic times

(3) If Karen Handel isn't the GOP nominee for governor, Porter would be the only woman vying for the top two spots in state government. No woman have ever won a race for governor, nor Lt. Governor. Cathy Cox (D) ran for Gov back in 2006, but lost in the primary to Mark Taylor. The possibility of a woman becoming the state's first female Lt. Governor would be something that would grab the attention of people alike, independents, moderate republicans, conservative democrats, etc.

(4) She brings a balance to the democratic ticket. She's a native of Johnson County, (Now lives in Laurens County), which will help the democrats carry some of the smaller, rural counties in the state, which will in the end improves dems chances of winning races down ballot

(5) She has a knack for the issues of the day, like education, job creation, corruption, ethics, the kitchen table issues that will determine the outcome of this fall's elections, as well as the passion & the fire needed to win a statewide race.

Carol Porter stepped up to the plate when it seemed no one else would. It would have been embarrasing for the democratic party not to have a candidate to run against Casey Cagle. I hope all the other democrats rally behind porter's bid for Lt. Gov. She can't do it all by herself. GO, CAROL, GO!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! everything you mentioned i totally agree with.

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