Thursday, March 4, 2010

Peanut Politics Web Poll Results

Straw Poll: Who would you prefer as the Democratic Candidate

DuBose Porter: 35%

Roy Barnes: 27%

David Poythress: 23%

Thurbert Baker: 10%

Carl Camon: 2%

Total Votes: 173 people voted

Which Ticket would you prefer for the Democrats (This was before Carl Porter entered the Lt. Governor's Race)

DuBose Porter-Michael Thurmond: 21%

David Poythress-Michael Thurmond: 20%

Roy Barnes-DuBose Porter: 19%

Roy Barnes-Michael Thurmond: 12%

Dubose Porter-Roy Barnes: 10%

DuBose Porter-Lisa Borders: 8%

Thurbert Baker-Tim Golden: 7%

Roy Barnes-Lisa Borders: 6%

Thurbert Baker-DuBose Porter: 5%

David Poythress-Carl Camon & Roy Barnes-Carl Camon: 4%

Daavid Poythress-Roy Barnes: 3%

Carl Camon-Lisa Borders & David Poythress-Lisa Borders: 1%

Carl Camon-Michael Thurmond: 0%

Total Votes: 202 people voted

Who would be the strongest candidate for Rural Georgia?

DuBose Porter: 42%

Roy Barnes: 25%

David Pythress: 20%

Thurbert Baker: 6%

Carl Camon: 4%

Total Votes: 168 People voted

Despite all of the talk & the polls, Du Bose Porter is strong here in Rural Georgia, which is his home base, followed closely by Roy Barnes & David Poythress. Porter's wife Carol entered the Lt. Governor's race last week, which kinda took some of the spotlight off Du Bose's campaign for a moment. But Porter strength lies here in rural Georgia, among conservative democrats & with his emphasis on faith & values, he will get his share of christian conservative voters as well. Porter is the wildcard in this race. No one knows how he, nor the other democrats fare against the GOP, because their names are not included in these polls. I'm curious though to see how well Porter does against the republicans in a head to head matchup. Porter may switch races before all said is done due to financial restraints due to being in the legislature, which prohibits him from raising money. So if does switch races, it maybe for Agriculture Commissioner, Labor Commissioner, (if Mike Thurmomd runs for higher office), or Secretary of State. Keep an eye on Porter.

Thurbert Baker though a sitting incumbent Attorney General has some serious work to here in Rural Georgia. Although these polls may not count as much, those numbers by Baker are atrocious for someone who is vying to win the democratic nomination. You rarely hear anything coming out of Baker's camp & with strong democrats like David Poythress, Roy Barnes, Du Bose Porter in this race Baker can't afford to run a lack luster campaign & it also seems to me that Baker is betting on the Black Vote to come to his rescue once voters head to the polls on July 20. The Black vote is not a guaranteed lock for Baker.

Porter, Barnes, Poythress all have strong support from the Black Community here in Georgia & with Carl Camon in the race, it will be split among all of the democratic candidates. Baker has no presence here in Rural Ga whatsoever, no ground support, no nothing. Either Baker needs to pick it up or he needs to get out of the race!

Carl Camon numbers are disappointing, despite rave reviews he got from the first democratic debate. As a result of that performance, he has seen a spike of supporters on his campaign facebook page. Recently Camon turned down an offer to a outside group of a $1 million dollars to drop from the governor's race and to run for Lt. Governor, so he's showing a committment to this race. I'm a huge Carl Camon fan, I've met him on numerous occassions already & his platform is by far the broadest among all of the democratic candidates. He's a new face on the block & I would love to see him on a general election ballot come Nov. 2010, whether its governor, or some other office. Democrats need some new blood & Carl Camon has it. Democrats need Carl Camon on a General Election Ballot.

Seems everyone has sort of forgot about Gen. David Poythress, as he continues to travel from corner to corner in this state. David's numbers dropped slightly from the first poll we did, but David has built up a strong grassroots organization all over Georgia. He has picked up endorsements from City Councilmen & women, County
Commissioners, Sheriffs, Mayors, NAACP County Chapters, etc. His pledge to not take a salary until Ga's unemployment rate is below 7% was a bold move & got alot of positive press. David has campaigned for more than a year now & his hardwork is starting to pay off. Keep your eye on the General.

Roy Barnes depending what poll you're looking at is trailing or leading the top republicans for the right to become Georgia's next Governor. Barnes has been keeping a relatively low profile as he treks across rural Georgia, holding small meetings, talking to sheriffs, school teachers, etc. He's the odds on favorite to win the nomination to go head to head with the GOP's nominee. Alot of support Barnes lost in 2002, seems to be coming back to him now in his attempt to regain the governor's mansion, which bolds well for him. The flag issue has subsided over time, so that will a non-issue among voters. He was in Taylor County a week ago talking to teachers, students & faculty & was warmly received by the 90-100 people in attendance in the Taylor Co. Cafeteria. This is a different Roy Barnes that the 2002 version I say. He's putting a huge emphasis on rural Georgia this time around & if successful, he'll be on his way back to the mansion. Stay Tuned

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