Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Getting Close

April 30 is the deadline for candidates (potential candidates) to declare their candidacy for office here in Georgia.

As of right now, we have on the democratic side:

Gen. David Poythress (D-Norcross) & Macon Native

State Rep DuBose Porter (D-Dublin)

Ex-Gov Roy Barnes (D-Mableton)

Mayor Carl Camon (D-Ray City)

Attorney Gen. Thurbert Baker (D-Stone Mountain)

Lt. Governor:

Businesswoman Carol Porter (D-Dublin)

Attorney General:

Ex-Dougherty Co D.A. Ken Hodges (D-Albany)

State Rep Rob Teilhet (D-Smyrna)

State Insurance Commissioner:

Ex-State Rep & Ga National Guard Veteran Mary Squires (D-Norcross)

Secretary of State:

Legislative Aide & Public Relations Executive Michael Mills (D-Atlanta)

Attorney & ex-Press Secretary to Roy Barnes Gary Horlacher (D-Peachtree City)

Lobbyist Darryl Hicks (D-Fayetteville)

Businesswoman Angela Moore (D-Dekalb County)

State Senator Gail Buckner (D-Morrow)

State Agriculture Commissioner:

No Democrats as of yet

State School Superintendent

Brian Westlake (D-Decatur)

Beth Farokhi (D-Marietta)

Let me say a couple of thing here, Carol Porter is THE candidate for the democrats for Lt. Governor. She has brought a sense of urgency to that race, a passion, a fire that has been lacking from the democratic race. She's quick on her feet, witty, has a great dept & knowledge of the issues. I support her candidacy for Lt. Governor & hopes no one else gets into this race. The other only people I would support in that race is her husband, rural democrat DuBose Porter, but for now he's in the governor's race. (I'll come back to DuBose later)

I really, really like Michael Thurmond & what he has to offer to the democratic party, but I now prefer him to stay at Labor Commissioner, since Carol Porter has developed quite a following & a loyal fan base. Would he even conside the Senate race although RJ Hadley is already a announced candidate in that race? Don't know If democrats are unsuccessful in retaking the governor's mansion in november, Thurmond would be the first in line to run for governor, or the U.S Senate in 2014.

Michael Mills is working hard on the trail & in my opinion will be the favorite to win the democratic nomination for Secretary of State. His competition may come from Darryl Hicks, who narrowly lost the nomination in 2006 to Gail Buckner, who's running again for the same position. Right now I predict a Mills-Hicks runoff (if Hicks stays in the SOS race).

People are forgetting about Mary Squires for State Insurance Commissioner. With the healthcare saga in full swing now, this race will become a very important race for both parties. She is so far & possibly will be the only candidate to run for that position. Democrats, as well as independents better keep an eye on Squires.

State School Superintendent race between Brian Westlake & Beth Farokhi is a tossup right now. With massive cuts to our school system, this race is taking on importance as well. Farokhi has years of experience in the education arena, while Westlake who is a former marine & a educator himself is really starting to find his footing in that race. And with the endorsement of Ralph Noble & Lee Thompson, Westlake is starting to build some momentum for his campaign.

Agriculture Commissioner is the race that I'm disappointed in so far for the democrats. The odds on favorite to take the reigns of Tommy Irvin was Terry Coleman, but its very possible that Coleman will not run for that position. If that's the case, what will the democrats do? Well there was a rumor about State Senator J.B. Powell (D-Blythe) might look at that race, I haven't heard anything from powell about making such a run. Next there is Griffin Lotson, a African-American moderately conservative democrat from Darien who has expressed interest in running for that office, & maybe for State Senate 3 seat held by Jeff Chapman, who is running for governor. Lotson ran for Lt. Governor in 2006. Or the one person that would fit this office perfectly in my book, DuBose Porter. If porter were to switch races & run for that position, he would be the odds-on favorite to win in the general election against either republican challenger. I'm prepared to throw my support behind republican Darwin Carter of Bacon County if neither of those candidates are in the race.

And last the governor's race, well I like all of the candidates in the race. I will make an endorsement in this race in mid June. All bring something different to the table, but its important that democrat get this one right. Democrats first need to avoid a nasty primary fight among each other. If that can happen, then they'll be fine, if not, its 2006 all over again. But like I said, democrats must get this one right. They need a candidate that can win statewide, not just in a few traditionally democratic areas & a few surburban areas. Dems must ask themselves, who can win in rural Georgia? Who can bring home the conservative democrats? Who can appeal to independents? Who can win the swing counties in the state? Whoever can build that type of coalition will become the next governor of Georgia. Enough said!


Barbara Delano said...

Race between Farokhi and Westlake a tossup? The word tossup implies that the race is currently even. Two facts contradict that assumption: the huge discrepancy between the candidates' experience and job qualifications and the widespread support Beth Farokhi has already gained throughout the state. Of course it is still early, but Beth Farokhi's current momentum means that Westlake is already playing catchup.

Keith McCants said...

With the entry of Joe Martin in the race, this race is definitely a "tossup". There are no favorites at the moment unless one of them goes up with a ad

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