Wednesday, March 31, 2010

House Republicans Push for Thurbert Baker's Impeachment for not filing a lawsuit against the Federal Gov't.

Yesterday State Rep. Mark Hatfield (R-Waycross) sponser of HB 1886 filed a house resolution to bring impeachment charges against Thurbert Baker, in addition to being the Attorney General is also running for governor this year.

Here's what the resolution says from Jim Galloway of the AJC:

By failing and refusing to perform his constitutional and statuatry duties, Attorney General Baker has abdicated his authority and has committed an act against the state of Georgia….

Attorney General Baker’s shameful abdication of his lawful duties shows him unfit to serve the state of Georgia in the position of attorney general.

What's foolish about this is 30 or so house republicans signed on to the resolution.

Let's not forget about Austin Scott (R-Tifton) who is also running for governor filed HR 1824 the will direct the AG to file the lawsuit.

So what is the "REAL" motive of republicans in trying to pursue this impeachment ideas? Macon Republican Allem Peake & Macon Democrat David Lucus both oppose the resolutions being pushed by Hatfield & Scott they said in a interview with WMAZ-TV Macon earlier in the week.

Baker, who's campaign hasn't show any signs of life has now gotten a big boost, first by Sonny Perdue & now by resolutions by State Reps Mark Hatfield & Austin Scott. This opposition in filing a lawsiut against the feds will definitely win over rank & file democrats as well as those "Obamacrats" in the primary. I always thought Baker's problem would be in the primary. He's tailored made for a general election due to his moderately conservative views & his staunch conservative views when it comes to Law Enforcement, (remember he pushed the "Two Strikes" law when he was floor leader to Zell Miller back in the mid 1990s).

Now how will this affect him in the general election if he manages to win the primary? No body knows, but at least for right now, he has gotten a much needed boost to his campaign & free media attention without having to spend a time. You know deep down inside Baker & his people are loving this.

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