Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hodges Combats Meth Through Support Of New Education Initiatives

Georgians for Hodges wants to help spread the word about the Georgia Meth Project, a public awareness and prevention program launched this Monday in Atlanta.

"Initiatives in the past focused solely on one or two criminal procedural actions to combat meth,” Hodges said. “The Georgia Meth Project is a new sweeping program that promotes more aspects of the fight against this deadly and destructive drug.”

"I've prosecuted drug abuse as District Attorney for Dougherty County and fought for tough sentences on those who deal meth, so they don’t come back into our communities any time soon."

A recent study says that meth costs Georgia $1.3 billion yearly in law enforcement efforts, workplace productivity losses and social services costs.

"These costs, on top of the devastating effects of methamphetamines on families cannot be underestimated, Hodges said. "As Attorney General, I will act without hesitation to fight stop the use and production of meth.”

Hodges served on the board of the Albany-Dougherty County Drug Unit from 2003 to 2008. Working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s State Drug Task Force, in 2006 Hodges’ District Attorney’s office made hundreds drug arrests in Dougherty County after a year-long investigation.

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