Thursday, March 25, 2010

Georgia GOP vs Thurbert Baker: Will the Impeachment Proceedings being pushed by the GOP Backfire on Them?

As you heard yesterday House Republicans have started proceedings of impeachment against Attorney General Thurbert Baker (D-Stone Mountain) for his decision not to pursue a lwasuti against the federal government for its passage of healthcare reform.

Here's what Baker said, respoding to Perdue's request:

Based upon my understanding of the current Act, I am unaware of any constitutional infirmities and do not think it would be prudent, legally or fiscally, to pursue such litigation. I must therefore respectfully decline your request.

While I understand that the new law is the subject of ongoing debate here in Georgia and around the nation, I do not believe that Georgia has a viable legal claim against the United States. Considering our state’s current severe budgetary crisis, with vital services like education and law enforcement being cut deeply, I cannot justify a decision to initiate expensive and time-consuming litigation that I believe has no legal merit.

In short, this litigation is likely to fail and will consume significant amounts of taxpayers’ hard-earned money in the process.

So far as many as 30 names have signed on to impeach the moderately conservative democratic Attorney General who was appointed to the seat by then-governor Zell Miller back in 1997.

Some say this maybe some kind of plot by the GOP to avoid Roy Barnes in the general election. I don't know about that.

But all of this attention maybe what the doctor ordered for Baker, who thus far has run a lackluster campaign. The decision by Baker to slap down Perdue's request will no doubt appeal & rally those "Obamacrats" toward his candidacy for governor, especially African-Americans who was lukewarm toward Thurbert Baker due in large part to the Genarlow Wilson saga a few years ago & his decision not to challenge the Voter I.D. inplemented by the GOP back in 2005.

State Senator George Hooks (D-Americus), a conservative rural democrat praised Baker's decision not to waste taxpayer money on a lawsuit against the federal government. No doubt this will raise Baker's Name I.D. leading up to the July 20 primary. If the republican-controlled legislature go forward with the impeachment proceedings, look for democrats & independent & independent-leaning democrats to rally around Thurbert Baker. This episode may finally light a fire under Baker, who seems to lack the fire & passion for a run for governor if you ask me. Stay Tuned!

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