Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Forgotten Statewide Race: State Insurance Commissioner. Mary Squires (D-Norcross) Announces Health Professionals Endorsement

I forgot to post this press re;ease from the Squires Campaign. My apologies to Mary Squires.

Mary Squires, Democratic candidate for Georgia Insurance Commissioner , announced today the endorsement of the Metro Atlanta Therapists' Network (MATN), a consortium of over 1,300 mental health professionals .

“Through relevant and significant work experience, Senator Squires has accumulated a vast knowledge base regarding the manner in which the insurance industry operates and has numerous ideas for resolving inherent problems. As a member of the General Assembly, Senator Squires consistently demonstrated bipartisanship, promoting legislation beneficial to all Georgians . She is an independent thinker who places the interests of her constituents above party loyalties,” said President David Edwards.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Metro Atlanta Therapists' Network. The professional members of the MATN share in my desire to ensure that the Georgia Insurance Commissioner's office develops and maintains an open line of communication in all policy discussions among consumers, mental health providers and payor systems,” said Mary Squires.

As of right now, Squires is the only democratic cnadidate running for State Insurance Commissioner to replace John Oxendine. If she's the sole candidate come the deadling for qualifying, she will be facing one of 8 republican challengers for State Insurance Commissioner.

Squires was elected to the Georgia General Assembly in 1998. Squires served two terms in the State House (1999-2003) and one term in the Georgia State Senate (2003-2005). In addition to her legislative experience, Squires served ten years in the Georgia Army National Guard . Mary Squires currently is the Executive Director of the Georgia Society of Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc., a self-insured health care trade association. Squires also serves as the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Olive Industry Association, a national agriculture research and trade association. Squires and her husband Tom West of Augusta currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia and have four children.

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