Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bishop has another GOP Challenger, This time from my Neck of the Woods

And his name is Rudy Adams (R-Montezuma), two miles from my hometown of Oglethorpe. Adams is from the democratic stronghold of Macon County & is vying to unseat Incumbent Sanford Bishop for the 2nd congressional district.

Here is a description of Adams:

I am Pro Constitution, Pro God, Pro Country and a Pro Family candidate for the House of Representatives. I believe in defending the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

I believe in Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, a strong National Defense within the borders of our country, a downsized Federal Government, Sovereignty of the States, One language the English Language, one Flag the US Flag, one Loyalty that of America.

I believe in securing our borders from illegal immigrants and deportation of those illegal immigrant criminals within our land of the free. I believe that the Federal Government should only be allowed the powers that the US Constitution gives them and nothing else. If elected to congress I will forever defend the Constitution and Sovereignty of our States and I will always lend an ear to our Fellow Countrymen and Countrywomen. His site is www.rudyadams.com

For more on Dr. Adams, just click on the link at the top. I hope he's not the second coming of 10th district congressman Paul Broun (R-Athens)

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Anonymous said...

His platform is appealing. i live here in quitman county and im a conservative democrat but he maybe a extreme for the district. and for him or any other republican to win they better court the black vote or hope they stay home which is unlikely in this election cycle.

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