Friday, March 26, 2010

9 Rural Democrats & 1 Independent support HR 1086

State Representatives Ellis Black (D-Valdosta), Amy A. Carter (D-Valdosta), Rick Crawford (D-Cedertown), Ron Dodson (D-Clayton County), Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert), Bob Hanner (D-Parrot), Sistie Hudson (D-Sparta), Alan Powell (D-Hartwell), Jay Shaw (D-Lakeland), & Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville) voted in favor of House Resolution 1086, which is a proposed constitutional amendment that, so as to provide that no law or rule or regulation shall compel any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system and to authorize persons and employers to pay directly for lawful health care services without penalties or fines; to provide for the submission of this amendment for ratification or rejection; and for other purposes.

All are conservative democrats from Rural Georgia, except Ron Dodson, who faces a primary challenge from Shawn James, a conservative democrat for HD 75. Kidd id a independent from Baldwin County. Groups such as Georgia Conservarives in Action are pushing for the proposed constitutional amendment.

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