Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jim Marshall Has Yet another Republican Challenger for the 8th District.

That makes six as Republican Bill Mauldin of Butts County has thrown hi hat in the ring to take on Conservative Democrat Jim Marshall for the 8th Congressional District.

Mauldn describes himself as a middle-class, tax paying, hardworking family man who's concerned about the path the country is taking right now. He was born & raised in Jones County & attended Macon State. Some of his core issues he's running on are:





and so on.

Here's what Mauldin had to say about Incumbent Jim Marshall:

Marshall's voting record mirrors that of the mainstream democratic party of Obama, Pelosi, & Frank & is fast becoming a liability for this conservative district.

Mauldin joins a already crowded field that includes Valerie Myers, Ken Deloach, Paul Rish, Diane Vann, Angela Hicks.

Whoever becomes the GOP nominee to take on Marshall will have a uphill climb. Marshall is a hawk on defense & other military matters, a staunch supporter of agriculture, that has fended previous republican challengers in the past, most recently defeating Rick Goddard, who was considered a top-tier republican recruit by the NRSCC back in 2008 by a 57% to 42% margin. Unless a major scandal breaks out involving Marshall, expect him to win re-election to the 8th District.

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