Thursday, February 4, 2010

DuBose Porter's Blog: Results from Debate are in.

Team DuBose wants voters to know what the lead Democratic UGA student blogger had to say about the winners and the losers in Tuesday night’s debates.

The first sentence of each debate recap by Dustin Baker in order of win from 1-5:

The star of the night was DuBose Porter. #1

General David Poythress was great at the debate. #2

Thurbert Baker did a good job at the debate last night. #3

Carl Camon would be what VH1 calls the “Jump of the Week” #4

I was very unimpressed with Roy Barnes. #5

To read all of Dustin’s comments about each candidate, click below and read Blog #52.

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Anonymous said...

What does the "Jump of the Week" mean?

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