Monday, February 8, 2010

DuBose Porter & The Christian Vote

DuBose Porter spoke at the Georgia Christian Alliance Faith, Family & Freedom rally this past weekend, where he spoke to a group that normally is in the backpockey of the Republican Party. But that didn't stop Porter who served on the administrative board of his church, First United Methodist Church in Dublin & his wife who is a sunday school teacher.

One of his quotes at the event on Saturday was music to my ears. Portersaid "I am tired of people saying that you can't be a christian & a democrat, because I am. My faith is important to me, its important to my family & so on.

I'm happy to see Porter court this voting bloc because it's one of the most reliable bloc of voters in the state. According to Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal Constitution & others who saw the event, Porter did very well among the christian conservatives in the room. Being from a small town & being heavily involved with his church as well as his entire family, Porter may have a huge advantage when it comes to courting that religious vote.

Democrats must not be timid in going after these voters. Faith plays a huge role in shaping their lives & play a huge factor in their everyday decisions. Democrats may not win 55% of the vote from christian conservatives, but just by competing for their vote at the end will payoff for the party. If they can get between 35-45% of the religious vote, dems will be in good shape & if Porter ends up as the nominee of the party, democrats should feel good about their chances of getting their chunk of the religious vote. I'm not saying the other candidates (democrat) are afraid of courting the religious vote & that they can't appeal to them, it just seems that Porter is a natural fit for this constituency. I hope DuBose continues to court the christian vote.

I have nothing against liberals & they are entitled to their own opinion, but democrats need a candidate that will do the following things to bring values voters back to the party:

Reshape the democratic message on values that have been brushed aside with the excuse of separating church & state

Reopen the Democratic Psrty of Georgia up to religious groups that have been forced out & help give them a voice within the party itself

And repair the perceived lack of values in the Democratic Party of Georgia & begin to move away from liberal stances that have given democrats here in Georgia a bad name & that has brought a negative attitude toward the party.

Right now, DuBose is off to a great start on that front. Keep it up.


Matt said...

Pandering to the Sadie Fieldses of the world has lost Porter any chance of getting my vote. I am not willing to give up the reasons I want to win for the sake of winning.

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