Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Democrats Need to Face the Music: RJ Hadley will be the one & only Candidate for the Democratic Party. Get Used to it!

I just want to remind those out there who think Senator Johnny Isakson doesn't have a challenger for his seat in 2010. Well he does & his name is

R.J. Hadley (D-Conyers).

He is the democrat who will face Johnny Isakson in the general election barring some unforeseen event happening between now & the July 20 Primary.

Now let me talk to the democrats for a minute. I know that alot of you all are still hoping for a big name candidate with money from the democratic establishment. For example:

John Barrow: Not running

Jim Marshall: Not running

Shirley Franklin: Not running

Michael Thurmond: Not running

Jim Butler: Not running

Tim Golden: Not running

David Poythress: Not running, (Committed to Gov's race)

DuBose Porter: Not running (Committed to Gov's race)


This man has criss-crossed the state going to fish fries in Columbia County to Hotdog rallies in Houston County. He's gone & spoken to Tea Party Rallies & to Farmers of Rural Georgia & just this past weekend went to the Faith, Family, & Freedom rally up in Sandy Springs to speak to Christian Conservative voters, which according to some are hostile to democrats. Why is it so hard for democrats, especially the establishment democrats to show their support & get behind the candidacy of RJ Hadley? No he's not a looney liberal, no he's not a cooky conservative, he's just a middle-of-the-road, common sense, mainstream politician who wants to solve growing problems that are facing the country, which the current politicos in D.C. seems to not to have an answer for.

Yes, Johnny Isakson will be tough to beat, yes, Johnny Isakson has millions at his back, yes Johnny Isakson is a republican, running in a republican-leaning state, but that don't mean that he can't be defeated. RJ has demostrated a ability to seek common ground with those who may or maynot agree with his stances on some isues, he has shown a williness to go & address tough crowds who are not in favor of voting for a democrat, he has shown a williness to go & attract voters who are not the typical democratic voter, some maybe social conservatives, some are fiscal conservatives, independent leaning republicans, libertarians, you name it.

You can hope & pray & wish upon a star that a more so-called qualified candidate or well known candidate jumps in the senate race, but just remember that there is already a candidate running for the U.S. Senate & his name is RJ Hadley. Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves for not wanting to support RJ. Even some of these elected democratic officials are hesitant in supporting RJ. Why? What are they afraid of. What? Even some of the black democrats are resistant in supporting Hadley. But they can support someone like Vernon Jones who got all sorts of heavy baggage from his fights with the Dekalb Co Commisison to allegations of misconduct towards women when he made his run for the senate in 2008, but they still showed their support knowing he would have gotten slaughtered in the general election.

Democrats supported Jim Martin who in my opinion ran a awful campaign. The only he did was rode the coattails for Barack Obama & barely made it to the runoff where all of the Obama supporters stayed home & therefore he got his tail handed to him.

But here you have RJ Hadley, who's doing everything he can to win over the support of the democratic party. He has a handful of democrats that are supporting him as well as some NAACP Chapters across the state, but he needs the entire party to get behind his candidacy. It seems like to many that the governor's race is the only important race that matters & the others, not so much. I support his candidacy & I hope others will do the same. I mean, I don't know what democrats are waiting on because the names I mentioned are no way in hell going to run. If they do, it will because Washington Democrats will promise to finance $1 million dollars to his or her campaign if he or she makes it out of the primary just like they did to Jim Martin in fear of a possible Vernon Jones, Dale Cardwell or Josh Lanier candidacy. I rather have someone who wants to run, someone who has the fire, the passion that someone who really doesn't have the heart to run & only running because of a monetary promise from the Demcoratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Democrats get off your asses & show RJ Hadley that you believe in his candidacy & you will support him all the way in his bid to unseat Johnny Isakson. This is absoulutely ridiculous in what I'm seeing right now.

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