Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carol Dodd-Porter, Lt. Governor?

Yesterday Jim Galloway at the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Carol Dodd-Porter, the wife of gubernatorial candidate DuBose Porter has been approached about the possibility of running for Lt. Governor. Now people are going to say that this is all P.R. & a publicity stunt, but let me tell you after seeing her performance at the Small Business Forum while filling in for her husband, I raised the question why isn't she running for office, (Like State Senator for example). But Lt. Governor?

I think she would be great at it if you ask me. He has a great knowledge of the issues, she shows passion, energy & alot of heart. Besides, I don't see no other democrat willing to run for Lt. Governor, so why not Mrs. Porter?

I keep hearing the same names being brought up over & over again, but given the anti-incumbent mood & bascially one-party rule by the Georgia GOP, a outside candidate is maybe what is needed to get things straight up there in the state capitol.

If not Carol Porter, I would like to see Lisa Borders or a Michael Meyer von Bremen, as well as Carl Camon who open alot of eyes & turned plenty of heads by his debate performance. I say why not?

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