Thursday, February 25, 2010

2nd Congressional District GOP Candidates Address Thomas Co. Residents

THOMASVILLE — Two Thomas County men seeking the Second Congressional District U.S. House seat held by Sanford Bishop, (D-Albany) agree on what constituents need in congress.

Both Republican candidates are self-described conservatives who think it is time for the district to be represented by someone who will listen to constituents and act accordingly.

“I feel in my heart and soul it is time for me to make my move,” Bobby Brown told a crowd of about 300 at Thomasville Municipal Auditorium Tuesday night.

A Thomas County native, Brown was a Thomas County commissioner when he decided several years ago not to seek re-election to the county governing body and to begin considering a run for congress.

Mike Keown, incumbent District 173 state representative, said the Second Congressional District race is getting national attention. The district is being looked at as one that could be “picked up” by a conservative, said Keown, a Coolidge resident.

Now here's the one that got me laughing my you know what off:

Keown said he is getting the farm vote. “They know it’s time for a change,” he added.

Sanford Bishop losing the farm vote. There's nothing wrong with dreaming. Everyone can dream, but for Keown to think that he will get the farm vote from a incumbent who is the go-to guy when it comes to Georgia Agriculture. Like I said, its alright to dream a dream!

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Anonymous said...

these two wannabes will never get as far as Lee Ferrell did in 2008 when he got 71,000 votes! Why won't they let him run again? Lee will do much better the second time - he is a down to earth Veteran who isn't flamboyant.

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