Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Press Release: Hodges Plans New Civil Rights Division for AG's Office

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2010
Contact: Jonathan G. Williams
Phone: (404) 863-0644

*Campaign Proposes Civil Rights Division Upon Election*

Ken Hodges’ campaign for Attorney General has announced a plan to create a
new Civil Rights Division within the Attorney General’s office upon his
election, the campaign said.

“For the first time,” Hodges said, “the Attorney General’s office will have
its own, separate legal enforcement division, with its mission trained
solely on guarding the civil rights of all Georgians.”

Hodges’ planned Civil Rights Division will tackle investigations and
litigation on a host of civil rights violations, with a focus on fair
housing, employment, disabilities, religious freedom, racial profiling, and
stopping predatory lenders.

Currently, the Attorney General’s office handles civil rights cases through
the broader General Litigation Division, and serves a defensive role
protecting state agencies.

“We’ve got to give Georgia’s Attorney General the tools to protect all
Georgians,” Hodges said. “This new office will be a great step forward in
keeping Georgia safe.”

Ken Hodges served for 12 years as Dougherty County’s District Attorney. A
proven prosecutor, Hodges earned distinctions as the Chairman of the
Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, the President of the District
Attorney’s Association of Georgia, and as the state’s District Attorney of
the Year in 2002. A board member emeritus of the Civil Rights Institute in
Albany, Hodges believes in prosecuting public corruption, cracking down on
gangs and urban crime, and supporting law enforcement in its efforts to
protect all Georgians.

For more on Hodges’ campaign, visit www.kenhodges.com.



Anonymous said...

If Ken Hodges knew anything about civil rights, he would not be in federal court right now for prosecutorial misconduct and false prosecution of three men in Albany. Yup, ol' Kenny boy Nifong'd three innocent men as a political favor for his friends at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. Where did Ken go to work when he resigned as district attorney after this became public? Why he went to work at the Baudino Law firm--the primary law firm of his friends at Phoebe. Google "Phoebe Factoids" and read it for yourself.

Joel said...

I did better than look it up on Google. I went to www.guidestar.org, and looked up how much Phoebe reported on their IRS return as legal fees paid to the Baudino firm. Almost $8.8 MILLION dollars in just ONE year! I guess Phoebe is still spreading the love to Ken.

Anonymous said...

Hodges does not care about citizens, nor will he protect consumers. He is being sued in the Northern District of GA in federal court by an employee for failure to pay her overtime at his law office. Not exactly the kind of conduct you want from your Attorney General. either he does not know basic labor law, or he chooses to violate it. DEFEAT KEN HODGES!!!

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