Friday, January 22, 2010

Here are a Some Thoughts about Gen. Poythress

I know when the Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday comes around every year, folks from politicos to business elite tend to visit his old church Ebenezer Baptist Church.
Gen. David Poythress visited numerous MLK Day events from Elberton to Albany. He visited more MLK Events around the state than any other democratic candidate running for governor, or statewide, from NE Georgia in Elberton to SW Georgia in Albany. Gen. Poythress is the ultimate Road Warrior. I know I do alot of traveling myself, but I have got to commend the General for his energy to travel this huge state, making numeous stops throughout this huge state.

If you follow the General on Twitter, you have to say that he keeps his followers informed on every move he makes & every event he attends. Now when some people ask where's Thurbert? (Thurbert Baker), who basically invisible on the campaign trail, or M.I.A., you cannot say the same about the General.
On Jan. 19, he was back in Thomas County attending a citizen's meeting sponsered by the Thomasville Times-Enterprise.

Do not write off Gen Poythress for the democratic nomination. He's running a strong grassroots campaign that before all said is done, will propel him into the general election. One would have to think that his deep connections throughout the state of Georgia will pay off at the end. He's been running for governor now for over a year, buliding his Name I.D. & building support at the grassroots, because believe or not, htta's what is going to take to knock off the republicans if democrats hope to regain the governor's mansion. Keep an eye on the General through out the winter months.

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