Friday, January 15, 2010

Follow Up on State Rep Rob Teilhet Proposed Legislation that Gives Ethics Commission Jurisdiction over Complaints of Interest.

Yesterday I posted a press release from the Teilhet Campaign that State Rep. Teilhet was sponsering Legislation that would give the Ethics Commission jurisdiction over of complaint of interest aganst members of the General Assembly. Well State Rep. Teilhet was opposed to the very same peoce of legislation back in 2004 when the democrats were still in control of the State House.
Bacin in 2004: Teilhet Opposed Empowering State Ethics Commission To Investigate Alleged Conflicts Of Interest. In response to the Georgia State Legislative Election 2004 National Political Awareness Test, Teilhet declined to support an ethics reform principle that would “Empower the state Ethics Commission to investigate alleged conflicts of interest, while raising the maximum penalty to $10,000 per violation from the current $1,000.” [Georgia State Legislative Election 2004 National Political Awareness Test, via Project Vote Smart, accessed 10/13/09]

So the Question is: Why the change of heart all of a sudden? If it wasn't good enough for you to support back in 2004, why it is' good enough now?

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