Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gen. David Poythress Stops by Taylor County Today

Today, Gen. David Poythress is in Taylor County, visiting with the Taylor County Women's Club in Reynolds, a small town west of Fort Valley & north of my Hometown Oglethorpe.
Gen. Poythress gave a couple of remarks in regards to Education, Water, Transportation. His wife Elizabeth Poythress also gave a couple of remarks as well. Among the attendees were Taylor County Commission Chairwoman Patty James-Bentley, as well as Commentator-Organizer Chuck Wade , U.S. Army (Retired) of Butler & a number of Law Enforcement Officials, as well as some self-identified Republicans. The people were nice & the event went great.
Let me tell you, the polls don't tell the whole story of the level of support David Poythress has. He has a mix of Democratic, Republican support as well as African-American Support, which is critical for any candidate running for governor. He talked about the need for Georgia to develop Mass Transit to help aleviate the congestion of Metro Atlanta, to the urgent need to address the water situtation up at Lake Lanier, to fixing our educational system besides relying on money to address the situation. For those who don't know about David, you can go to his website aT WWW.POYTHRESSFORGOVERNOR.COM

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