Monday, November 16, 2009

Congressman talks health care in Jesup

The Press-Sentinel
Congressman Jack Kingston made the case for “targeted” health-care reform during a stop in Jesup Wednesday morning.

Kingston was visiting Jones Medical Equipment on South First Street to learn more about how medical-equipment companies operate.

Regarding the health-care debate, Kingston told the staff, “I always start out saying, ‘Health care is $2.4 trillion.” ... It’s millions of people making trillions of decisions every day. ... Washington can’t manage health-care jobs.”

He added, “Not having a bureaucracy between you and the doctors is a real high priority for you and me and all of us.”Kingston said that he believes most people want reform that will help those “falling through the cracks” but that will not take away what people already have.
There are various specific steps that government can take, he said—for example, letting people purchase health-care insurance across state lines and letting small businesses buy insurance as a group. Also, more states, including Georgia, could take advantage of a federal law that allows high-risk pools, he explained.

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