Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blitch unseats Incumbent Carol Chambers to become new Mayor of Homerville

It seems that the troubles of Brooks Blitch III did not hurt Peg Blitch's quest to become the new mayor of Homerville as she unseated a 20 year incumbent to become the new mayor of Homerville down in South Ga.
Former State Senator Peg Blitch (D-Homerville) defeated Incumbent Carol Chambers to become the new mayor of Homerville. It's the first time the city has elected a new mayor in 20 years.
On November 3, city voters chose the former State Senator to replace incumbent Carol Chambers as Homerville's mayor. Blitch won with 354 votes (59.1 percent) to Chambers' 243 (40.6 percent).
She is married to former Alapaha Circuit Judge Brooks Blitch III, who plead guilty to fraud back in September for fraud, but the D.A. dropped the indictments inexchange of the guilty plea. Blitch will not received an jail time.
The Blitch family is a powerful South Georgia political dynasty stretching back decades.

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