Thursday, October 15, 2009

Will Democrats mount a challenge to Right-Wing Extremist Paul Broun (R-GA) in 2010 or will they keep their tail between their legs & go away quietly?

As the 2009 year comes to an end, it's start to talk about the 2010 Mid-Term Elections. All 435 members of congress are up for re-election. Here in Georgia, already you have all of the democratic incmubents facing challenges from republicans, or independents. But there is one person that should be high on the democrats list to target in 2010 & his name is Paul Broun (R) Athens, Oconee County, which ever one.
Every since his upset victort over former State Senator Jim Whitehead of Columbia County, Broun has quickly drew the ire of Democrats & high praise from the hardliners of the republican party. Broun has made it a commom theme to call the president every name he can come up with. From Fascist, Communist, socialist, marxist, etc, you name it. He has goe as far as saying that the president wants to create a civilian national defense force that will lead us down the road to socialism to saying people will die under so called 'Obamacare". Remember in 2008 when he said that Social Security is Unconstitutional. These are some of the idiotic, inflammatory rhetoric Broun has been saying since going to congress in 2007.
Now what will the democrats do? Well there's not much up there for the democrats to turn to. 2008 Candidate Bobby Saxon is a possibility. He was just promoted to Lt. Colonel & is serving a one year tour of duty for the Army at the Pentagon. He is also a possible candidate for State Senate District 47. Athens Mayor Heidi Davidson is another. But she maynot stand a chance because of her perceived liberalism. Alan Powell State Rep. from Hartwell would a dream candidate for Democrats, but he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Besides those three I can't think of anyone else. Paul Broun can be beaten if the right camdidate comes forward. Saxon is the closest thing to that. He took Broun to the woodshed in the few debates they had in 2008, but he just didn't have the necessary resources to mount a serious challenge. If he can garner 40% of the vote on a shoestring budget one wonders what would he have done if he had some finaicial backing from State Democrats or National Dems. We will never know. But the bottom line is Democrats need to take on Broun in 2010 & not just let him slide because of the makeup of the district. Democrats need to "GROW A SET" of You know what & start to take on these republicans here in the state. Like for instance the Lt. Governor's race (which I will talk about later). Come on democrats, MAN UP!!!

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