Monday, October 12, 2009

Who is this Top-Tier Republican that is rumored to be considering a challenge to Incumbent Jim Marshall?

The Names of State Senator Ross Tolleson (R-Perry), State Senator Cecil Staton (R-Macon) & State Rep. Jim Cole are the ones that comes to my mind. Tolleson makes sense because if you remember back in 2008 , he was mentioned as being a possible challenger to Marshall, but decided against it. He would be a strong challenger to Marshall, but not enough, in my mind to defeat the battle-tested conservative democrat from Macon in my opinion.
Cecil Staton also comes to mind, but he wouldn't stand a chance against Marshall & Jim Cole, well I don't know why his name came to my mind, but he is a weak candidate. The GOP have tried a veteran congressman in Mac Collins in 2006 but he lost despite numerous visits by Georgie W. Bush & Dick Cheney as well as the GOP Majority Leader & House Speaker. Then they tried a Airforce Veteran in Rick Goddard, who was a highly touted recruit by the GOP & he lost as well. In 2004, & 2002 they tried Calder Clay as well. Why would 2010 be any different? Regardless of who Marshall faces barring a major scandal, he will be re-elected. You can take that to the bank.

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