Thursday, October 29, 2009

State Dems get involved in the Atlanta Mayor's Race

Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that the Democratic Party of Georgia has jumped into the Atlanta Mayoral Race. They allege that Mary Norwood, the frontrunner in the race is a republican & have been Dodgeing the issue, says Chairwoman Jane Kidd. Now it's noted that several key people of Norwood's campaign are democrats, one of them Roman Levit has directed campaigns for Congressman John Barrow (D).
Here's my take on this & the race: I'm surprised Kasim Reed, Lisa Borders &others have not made her republican past an issue in the campaign. I think its too late in the game to attacking her for her votes for republicans in the past & attending the State GOP Convention in 1999 as a delegate. I don't see anything wrong with Norwood becoming mayor of Atlanta. Yes, she is from Buckhead & yes she has voted for republicans in the past as well as democrats. But what's wrong with her becming the mayor of Atlanta. The only question I have is this the real Mary Norwood? Is she really a progressive they say she is. How many progressives vote republican? Is this the real Mary Norwood, or is she a closet republican? No one knows, but had the other candidates made that an issue earlier in the campaign season, she would not be leading by such a wide margin.
For Norwood to become mayor, she has to win on Tuesday night. If she is forced into a runoff, she can forget about becoming the next mayor of Atlanta. The support she has right now from african-americans will evaporate & they will go with either Reed or Borders, or Jesse Spikes in the runoff. Norwood has the momentum right now, but can she pull it out? I think so.

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