Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is it time for a Third Party to give the American People another option besides the Democratic & Republican Parties?

Year after Year. after Year, it's the same ol' thing up in Washington. You have Democrats (Liberals) who want to spend the U.S. into a bankruptcy, Grow the Federal Government Bigger tham it ever has, & to dictate the lives of the American People. Then you have Republicans (Right-wingers) who claims to fight for Family Values, to decrease the size of government, fight for fiscal responsibility (but at the same time, contributed to the record deficit & debt our country faces), etc. Sre you tired of the same ol' thing every year. We elected a President who talked like a moderate, but is being dictated by the likes of Super Liberal Nancy Pelosi & her merry band of liberals in congress.
Then you have republicans who were crying wolf that the stimukus package was not going to work & it was going to leave an enormous debt on our children & grandchildren, but at the same time are the first ones in line to hold their hand out to get a piece of the stimulus money like Phil Gingrey & Tom Price of the 6th District. I called them all phonies & fakes. Now the only true democrats & republicans I see out there are Ron Paul (R-Texas), Jim Marshall (D-Georgia), Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma), Gene Taylor (D-Mississippi), Heath Shuler (D-North Carolina), Mike Pence (R-Indiana), John Barrow (D-Georgia). I mean democrats & republicans who are truly fiscal conservatives, who wants to reduce the size of government, gives more local control to communities, & who doesn't cater to the extremes of the party, the special interest at every turn & who speaks true to their heart.
I think there needs to be a Legitimate Third Party to challenge the status quo in Washington D.C. But what to call it? What should the platform consist of? One party that caught my interest is the American Patriot Party. www.americanpatriotparty.cc Go check it out. It has a very attractive platform & needs to be considered if anyone out there is unhappy with both parties up in D.C.
Will have more to say about this tomorrow. Gotta go to work!

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